Our Astronomy Festival Program is a collection of a series of one day programmes which focus on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to students through practical hands on experience. The workshop aims at enriching the knowledge base of students and enhancing life skills .The students are involved in group activities which inculcate team work and leadership skills. They were quizzed based on critical thinking to inculcate logical reasoning skills. This program offers hands-on learning opportunities in the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences which allow participants to experiment with trial and error, learn from their mistakes and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice. We also encourage students to ask questions, instigate curiosity and explore the Universe. The sessions would be conducted group-wise and activities are different as per the acumen of children.

This Program together comprises different phases:

  • Astronomy Workshop: Students as per their grade will participate in the workshop and will do the different hands-on activity to learn amazing facts of science and astronomy. This workshop is of 60 mins.
  • Submit your Research: In this, those participants who have done their study in any astronomy related topics or have some unique ideas or concept can submit their views, research paper, blogs etc in not more than 2000 words to the mail id - "". This will be a great opportunity for the students as the top 10 best contents will be awarded merit Certificates with their research titles and a special gift hamper from our organization.
  • Astronomy is Everywhere: In this program, the students have to visualize the astronomical things nearby and will have to capture the moment in the form of pic or selfie and need to upload on our Facebook Page - Astronomy World Education & Research Organization. Top 10 best pic to upload with maximum likes will be rewarded with Virtual Reality Box and certificates of participation for this astronomy awareness campaign.



Workshop Tentative Date:

Starting From 7th August 2021


Class 1st to 10th can participate.

Participation Fee:

INR 450 per student for National Patcipants and 10$ for International Partcipants.

Awards and Certification:

  • Certification of Participation for ASTRONOMY FESTIVAL 2021.
  • Astronomical stuff (Self Made during Program)
  • Prizes for the Research Program Winner and the quiz session round will be provided to eligiable to student.

Any Query?

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